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What are the BEST Jersey Shore Towns?

Well that answer is easy. The best Jersey Shore towns are the ones you make your memories in. For us, that town is Seaside Heights. As one of the more affordable towns to purchase a summer home in, we were fortunate … Read More

Watch Seaside Heights Change Through These Promo Videos

Seaside in the 1960’s. Did you know Casino Pier use to have a salt water pool? Some things still haven’t changed though, check it out. Seaside Heights in the 1970’s. Got to be honest, this one is pretty borring, skip … Read More

Top 10 Reasons to vacation in seaside heights

Top 10 Things About Seaside Heights

It’s almost summer vacation time! Do you have your Jersey Shore house booked? Well here is a little reminder about why you should visit Seaside Heights this summer whether it is for a day, the week or longer, you won’t … Read More


Casino Pier Summer Amusements

Casino Pier is open for business! Casino Pier re-opened in 2013 with the following ride list: Disk’O, Pirates Hideaway, Pirates Island, Moby Dick, Surf Shack, Super Storm, Tilt-a-Whirl, Wave Swinger, Boats, Dizzy Dragons, Motorcycles, Speed Way, Car Combo & Hot … Read More


What is to Happen to Funtown Pier?

Wondering what is going on with Funtown Pier? Well so are we, so we follow this news very closely. So far the fate of the pier is still undetermined. What is the holdup you ask? Well as  you could imagine … Read More